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PDS rations disbursed for April, advance lifting for May under preparations

Tuesday, Apr 07, 2020 14:00 [IST]

Last Update: Tuesday, Apr 07, 2020 08:24 [IST]

PDS rations disbursed for April, advance lifting for May under preparations

GANGTOK: The Public Distribution System (PDS) beneficiaries here have lifted their rice quota for April and the Food & Civil Supplies department is preparing to provide for advance lifting of PDS ration for the month of May as well.
Speaking with SIKKIMEXPRESS, a Food & Civil Supplies senior official said distribution of PDS ration is done as per normal routine. The beneficiaries were provided with the PDS ration of April and now the department is working to disburse the ration in advance for May also, he said.
There are two categories of beneficiaries under PDS.
The AAY families are provided with 30 kg of rice per month while the PHH (priority household) families are provided with 5 kg of rice per member of the family.
It was informed that there are one lakh beneficiaries for the food relief package announced by the State government. The relief is provided to the needy underprivileged families and stranded workers.
The respective district administrations have provided the list of beneficiaries to the department. Distribution of the relief is done through respective BDOs with overall control of the DCs concerned.
The beneficiary family (having more than 3 members) are provided with 20 kg rice, 5 kg dal, 5 litre cooking oil, 7 kg potatoesand 2 kg onions. Families with two members or less are provided with 10 kg rice, 2 kg dal, 2 litre cooking oil, 5 kg potatoes and one kg onions under the relief scheme, added the official.
It was shared that the department is facing problems as the entire nation is under lockdown and the relief items are not readily available. We are bringing the items from different parts of the country, the official said.
With March being the end of the financial year, no supplier gets fresh stock for sale and only old or available stock are being issued which is not enough to meet the requirements, it was informed. Shortage of labourers for loading and unloading the consignment is another hurdle.
Presently, we are rolling out the rice distribution immediately since we have food grains in stock, said the officials. The other relief items have reached maximum places and the remaining places will be covered once the items are received, said the official.

Sikkim at a Glance

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