GMC to counter rampant waste dumping on roads with CCTVs

Thursday, Jul 04, 2019 15:15 [IST]

Last Update: Thursday, Jul 04, 2019 09:52 [IST]

GMC to counter rampant waste dumping on roads with CCTVs

Dichen Ongmu

GANGTOK,: In an attempt to curb indiscriminate dumping of waste, the Gangtok Municipal Corporation (GMC) has now decided to install CCTV cameras in several locations across the capital to counter the waste menace.  
Hem Kumar Chettri, who has taken over as the new commissioner of the civic body, today said the GMC is coming up with several innovative solutions and ideas to counter the waste menace along with parking woes in the State capital. The corporation is gearing up for many innovative solutions before the meeting of National Green Tribunal in November later this year.
Addressing a news conference at GMC premises Deorali here on Wednesday, Chettri stated, "We shall identify these vulnerable points where wastes are scattered and install CCTV cameras to identify people who are doing this and impose fines upon them. It appears as though our citizens have forgotten that the rag pickers and waste collectors under the GMC are also humans, there is no respect for them. There have been reported incidents wherein the waste collectors have been manhandled by few miscreants for waking them early with what they term as annoying bell early morning.”
Waste in Gangtok are collected by almost 25 trucks from different locations across Gangtok, those that are inaccessible for the trucks are collected by waste collectors.
The commissioner asserted on the good work done by the GMC over the years but also termed it to be a collective responsibility of the citizens.
“The pressing issue in Gangtok has been the solid waste management with the citizens failing to segregate waste at source. There is a clear knowledge and awareness among the people about waste segregation but yet people do not comply. Other issue that has crippled the city has been the rampant dumping of wastes on the road sides. We had troubles with waste being dumped in jhoras but the same has been countered to a great extent yet, when it rains, our drains are filled with waste and the water runs across the roads. We are cleaning the drains across the national highway area to begin with and similar actions will be taken on sub lanes as well,” he added.
Expressing concern on the landfill at 32 Number now turning into a dumping site, the commissioner maintained that the GMC was unable the treat the waste collected as there is lack of segregation at the source. The site was to create room for collection compost materials which could be later used for agriculture and other production, but to no avail. A landfill site has a life-span of 10-15 years, if the site is continued to be used as dumping site, then the GMC would have to find a suitable alternative for a landfill in the future.
The commissioner also highlighted how the GMC is devoid of such government allotted lands for landfills in the future.
Among other issues raised by the new commissioner was the lack of parking spots in the capital region terming the deal parking as a wrong practice in Gangtok. “People who live in cramped areas around town use the parking plazas as their permanent parking, some of the vehicles are used for 24 hours while others used as permanent parking for months and years at a stretch. GMC is working to identify such vehicles and remove them from parking plazas once and for all. It can be understood if the vehicles are parked for overnight, but the plazas must remain free or on the move from 9 am to 6 pm every day,” he stressed.
The commissioner also highlighted the digitization of GMC with trade licence being issued online and a similar procedure will be followed with regards to garbage fees, as GMC has collected reports of waste collectors not being paid or thrashed in some cases. “I would urge the house owners to strictly comply that their tenants dump their wastes at a specific location or give the same to waste collectors when they come early morning. Failure to do so, action will be taken against the house owners,” he said.


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