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Appointees of 2014-2019 period fear service dismissal

Friday, Feb 28, 2020 12:15 [IST]

Last Update: Friday, Feb 28, 2020 06:16 [IST]

Appointees of 2014-2019 period fear service dismissal

Transport workers camp at Tashiling Secretariat, seek answer from Transport minister

GANGTOK: Around 280 employees working on ad-hoc basis and on muster roll under the State Transport department camped at Tashiling Secretariat here on Thursday. They had gathered following social media buzz that their appointments - made between 2014 to 2019 - could come under departmental review and possible dismissal from service.
A departmental document regarding their appointments had been circulated in social media on Wednesday. The Transport employees falling under the 2014-2019 bracket assembled at the Tashiling Secretariat since noon and waited for a statement from Transport minister Sanjit Kharel. They waited till 8 pm till the cabinet meeting concluded. However, the minister did not meet the employees nor gave an official statement to the media waiting at the secretariat.
The Transport department workers, however, asserted on carrying on with their request either meeting the minister concerned or Chief Minister PS Golay on Friday.
The purported document doing rounds in social media is titled ‘Review of temporary appointments made from 2014 to 2019’. It mentions ‘the appointments were made without following any laid down procedure and existing norms. There were no posts while making the appointment and appointments are done on the basis of applications received and recommendations received from the then Hon’ble Ministers’.
Earlier in the day, the workers met with the Transport secretary regarding the leaked document and then reached the office of the Transport minister at Tashiling Secretariat. They were seeking some clarifications but with the cabinet meeting scheduled during the afternoon, the workers could not get an audience with the minister.
The Transport department workers had gathered from all 4 districts including those appointed in SNT office in Siliguri among others.
Speaking to media, they stated, "There is no conclusive stand from the Transport secretary while the Transport minister asserted that the file for termination has not reached him yet. The specified termination of those employees appointed between 2014 and 2019 is where we feel the injustice when some of us are awaiting 5 to 8 years of tenure for regularization. There was no information or suggestion taken by the department before forwarding the same to the DoP.”
The employees asserted they have been working sincerely and had come forth only with the request for the termination proposal to be rolled back. “We are not employees who have worked for a month or two, we have worked for years having availed facilities like loans and good education for their children in reputed schools. With limited salary of Rs. 10,000, we have been running our homes. It affects the future of those dependent on us financially,” they said.
Most of the employees appointed were for the designations of Junior Transport Assistant, Store Assistant and Mechanics. “We have not been sitting idle in our jobs, the appointments were made and it was not a case of annual registration to continue job. This was a valid appointment and now terming us as burden is wrong. We have not received an official notification but we wanted to assure ourselves and the same was delivered when the Transport secretary admitted to have made the proposal,” they said.

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